• Huge shortage of affordable housing
  • More than 18 Million units
  • Urbanization
  • 40% by 2030
  • Limited Land
  • Inefficient land use, only 3% area under cities
  • 269 Industries supporting housing
  • Working continuously on innovation in products
  • $ 200 billion market size at $10,000 per unit cost for homes to create both social & economic impact

Affordable, solid, and renewable housing product to meet the demand among India’s rising middle class.

A growth in population of 181 million people in India over the past decade has led to a critical housing shortage for middle- and low-income people as well as a sharp increase in demand for water and energy. However, existing material supply chains, construction technologies, and utility systems cannot keep pace with this new reality.

Ideal Choice Homes is a holistic solution that leverages established knowledge of precast concrete to satisfy a cultural preference for “pukka,” or solid, construction (as opposed to moveable, impermanent forms of construction). Like other permanent homes in India, it appears solid to sight and touch. Yet it is a clear departure from traditional construction in that it is engineered for off-site manufacture, delivery, and on-site assembly.

Ideal Choice Homes allows owners to manage thermal comfort, increase self-sufficiency, conserve water, and decrease the need for air conditioning. The house responds to a wide range of seasonal variation by minimizing solar gain through overhangs and shading during the summer, encouraging air movement through cross ventilation, and minimizing air infiltration during the winter. To address scarcity and low quality of water, it provides a means of harvesting and recycling gray water to increase the availability of water to twenty-four hours per day.

Both a product and a process by which homes may be mass customized and mass-produced through a managed supply chain, Ideal Choice Homes offers a logistically and environmentally responsible residence of concrete construction that is affordable and swiftly constructed. Owners can choose to expand their houses; they can manage thermal comfort both actively and passively; and perhaps most crucially, they can become self-sufficient in the likely event of water and energy scarcity.

ICH Prototype At Bakeri City, Ahemedabad

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