Sam Circle Venture and College of Business Studies, Kent State University organized a workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovations at Jaypee School of Management, a leading business school at Noida.
Dr. Robert D Hisrich, Deputy Dean at College of Business Studies, Kent State University, emphasized on entrepreneurship development in the context of enhancing employability for the prospective students.
He further emphasized that students should look towards new and innovative changes which the society is going through and start promoting new innovations which they think can possibly make positive differences in the lives of people.
He also highlighted Sam Circle Venture is coming up with Minju Labs at Innovation center at IIT Delhi which is being set up in collaboration with Sam Circle Venture and Foundation of Technology Transfer (FITT-IIT D), IIT Delhi and will be catering to the needs of new entrepreneurs for incubation.Sam Circle Venture is bringing its US partners like Henry Ford Health System and Kent State University, College of Business Studies as part of its innovation ecosystem to India for promoting entrepreneurship.

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