Sam Circle architecture is based on identifying the opportunity, finding a solutions and developing the prototype with potential for mass commercialization. This approach helps in developing product and services for emerging economies with its rapid urbanization, rising middle class complex cultural, geographical & political landscape.

Holistic and Futuristic

We evaluate a business idea in the area of our focus and map the corresponding business opportunity. This opportunity is developed into a business plan along with our business partner. The subsequent business plan is executed through our operating partners . Sam Circle is involved in the entire value chain, there by providing optimization and active asset management during the life cycle of the product or service.


Sam Circle develops a viable commercialization plan of the identified R&D of university system with a business partner. The plan is then executed with an identified operating partner in India by creating assets in which all partners hold equity stake. Sam Circle act as an active asset manager of intellect, capital and execution during the entire life cycle of the venture.

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