US Governor of South Carolina, Her Excellency Nikki Haley today visited the Skill Development Center at Rayat-Bahra University. Michael Haley, Katherine Veldran, Rob Godfrey, Bhavna Vasudeva, Ford Graham, Morgan Crapps, member delegates from US accompanied her.

She admired the best amenities generated in collaboration between many European Car companies like Volkswagen and the Rayat Bahra Skill Development Center for training semi-literate unwaged youth on the modern Car technologies.

Nikki Haley interacted with the students undertaking training at Skill Development Center and the faculty provided for the purpose by the leading automobile companies of the country. She said that the training provided multinational companies like Volkswagen in such centre and would also help Indian youth get employment in Western countries.

Nikki Haley appreciated the move initiated by Rayat-Bahra University to start such novel courses for semi-skilled labourers who cannot acquire formal degrees due to financial constraints. She satisfied the queries asked by the students in the Q&A round moderated by Dr. Sandeep Kaura. Amber Malhotra, Managing Principal, Sam Circle Venture highlighted the context & collaboration of Skill development center with various industries to promote the Institute- Industry interface. He said that such skill development centers could help curbing the problem of unemployment in developing economies like India.

Institutions, Mr. Gurvinder Singh Bahra and Dr. Sandeep Kaura, JMD who was accompanying the Governor said that ITI, diploma holders and semi-skilled labourers working in industry can now acquire formal engineering degrees in Skill Development Centers recognized by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). The Chairman of the group, Mr. G.S. Bahra said that courses floated by the AICTE under the NVEQF are ideal for students from poor families who cannot bear the burden of formal education. Such students while doing jobs as skilled or semi-skilled labourers in organized and unorganized sectors can undertake formal education in technical sector. He said that the Skill Development Centre would help those who gain skills in industry over a period of time to acquire formal degrees so that they can get higher jobs. Dr. Kaura stated that Rayat Bahra Skill Development Center at Kharar has already been recognized by the AICTE for imparting academic and vocational training to help semi-skilled labour acquire formal degree in auto electrical and electronics. The students who complete the said training would be given diploma by the state technical board and bachelor’s degree by the state technical university as per the AICTE mandate, Dr. Kaura said. This Skill development center has collaboration with Volkswagen, Maruti, Volvo Eicher and Bosch. The industry has provided its latest technology to imparting training to students coming there. The people from industry are involved in the process of training to students. The unemployed youth taking training there are also assured 100 percent placement. Under Skill Development Programs approved by the AICTE there are seven certification levels that can fetch bachelors, diploma or certificates for students undertaking training there. For acquiring a degree students would have to complete 600 to 700 hours of vocational training and 300 to 400 hours of academic training at the AICTE recognized centers as Rayat Bahra Center at Kharar. For acquiring diploma the student has to complete 300- 400 hours of vocational training and 600-700 hours of academic training. In the auto electrical and electronics course being offered by Rayat Bahra skill development center in academics the students are imparted training in Mathematics, science, social science, power wiring diagrams and lighting systems in modern vehicles. The certification provided by Volkswagen Company in Rayat Bahra Skill Development Centre is recognized at International level.

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